Strategy starts to get its groove back

'One laptop, one scotch and one phone'

The building that once housed Strategy design and advertising in Christchurch has been obliterated. But, as managing director Geoff Cranko writes, the staff are all well, they’ve found a new studio, they’ve got plenty of whisky on hand and, with the help of modern technology, they’re muddling through and are still able to do great work.

Just a quick note to let you know how we are getting on. Simply put, really well.

All the staff are healthy, happy and have somewhere to live. Certainly the Christchurch cityscape has changed and we are learning to dodge a few extra bumps in the roads and cope with Auckland-like traffic (a real hassle).

The 22nd of February earthquake, with a ground acceleration of 2.2Gs, was just too much for the iconic Strategy building. We have set up a temporary studio at 35b Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton along with our sister company, NV Interactive, so we can still produce great design-led advertising work that is effective across all media and delivers real results.

Thanks to the wonders of cloud technology we are all back up and running with the same phone numbers (03 379 8310) and email addresses ([email protected]).

Guy Pask, using his creative director skills snapped a shot of me in our new digs last night, which he has aptly named “one laptop, one scotch and one phone”. It all seems quite appropriate.

Personally, the most amazing thing to see in Christchurch is the resilience of the human spirit. The care, courtesy and support from both friends and strangers is truly inspiring.

I want to thank everyone for all of their support and help in the last couple of weeks, particularly the team at Strategy Auckland.

Take care and I suggest you avoid earthquakes.

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