Stanley Street partners with Channel Factory

New Zealand-owned and integrated agency Stanley Street has partnered with Channel Factory, the global brand suitability and ad performance platform for YouTube. 

The partnership between Channel Factory and Stanley St will allow clients to further optimise YouTube buying strategies and reduce media wastage. This is achieved by enhancing the agency’s ability to ensure the right content is running in the right environments, and resonating with the right audiences. 

“Contextual targeting strategies remain essential to unlocking relevance with audiences, but it is difficult for brands to relinquish control. The environment needs to be suitable to carry the brand, and advertisers need confidence they are appearing in an appropriate context that aligns with their values,” says Emily Scovell, Chief Media Officer at Stanley St. 

Accessing Channel Factory’s global technology means advertisers will be able to unlock new levels of quality media investment, optimisation and conversions. 

Ankit Sehgal, Chief Digital Officer at Stanley St, adds: “Brand safety remains a huge concern and something that continues to come up time and time again so this partnership is a huge leap forward in setting absolute best practice in stone.”

Given the amount of investment moving towards YouTube, advertisers and brands can often find it challenging to align their advertising campaigns to the content available using standard ad tech tools. This is precisely where Channel Factory comes in.

Channel Factory’s proprietary AI technology analyses all of YouTube’s content in real-time, including creator data, audio transcripts, performance data and human filters, giving brands a far deeper level of control over the content and context in which their ads appear.

Linus Hoberg, Managing Director at Channel Factory New Zealand, says: “Stanley St is the perfect partner given their diverse range of clients from the public sector through to some of New Zealand’s biggest brands. We are excited to collaborate with them to bring Channel Factory’s AI-backed technology, giving them confidence about where their ads run.”

According to IAB New Zealand, the total spend on digital advertising in 2022 was approximately NZ$2b. Approximately 10 percent to 15 percent of all digital revenue – around NZ$200m – NZ$300m – was spent with YouTube.

Sehgal adds: “We’re excited to partner with Channel Factory to provide our clients with the ability to align their advertising campaigns to safe, relevant and inclusive content across YouTube while at the same time enabling them to support diverse content and creators that resonate with the audiences they want to connect with.”

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