Sprite’s mad music videos bring a big dose of truth to advertising

Commercials for soft drinks often show that by drinking them, you’re likely to splash around in the water laughing with your attractive young friends or engage in some kind of impressive athletic pursuit at a very high level. Very rarely do they show visual representations of masturbation, use the phrase dry hump or generally “reveal the truth behind the facade and bravado of misspent youth” in a humorous fashion. But you get all that and much more in three new quasi-music videos for Sprite Europe that were made by JWT Denmark and Yukfoo’s Anders Schroder.




Schroder (through Frame in Copenhagen) completed the somewhat out-there films using a combination of live action storytelling, pop promo studio shoots, animation and found footage. Each spot is based around a universal teen truth—’All the gear, no idea’, ‘King for a night, Fool for a Week’ and ‘My Hand Gets More than Me’—and brought to life in a song that plays out inside the head of the protagonist—literally. 

These films formed the main TV and online content of the Sprite campaign and are part of a “content eco-system” created to speak to a teen market that’s resistant to traditional advertising and consisted of over 100 unique pieces of work. 

Schroder directed the films and Frame was responsible for the post production, which included an sfx shoot firing lemons and limes together at 15000fps. 


Director: Anders Schroder

Creative Director: Simon Wooller

Creative, Digital & Film: Simon Wooller

Creative, Digital & Film: David Asmussen

Creative, Digital & Film: Lasse Hinke

Creative, Digital & Film: Rasmus Petersen

Design: Santi Zoraidez

Design: André Ljosaj

Animation: Mats Andersson

Animation: Tom Crate

Animation: Kenneth Petersen

Animation: Robin Jakobsson

VFX: Markus Lundqvist

VFX: Kalle Lundberg

DOP: Michael Christensen

DOP, 2nd. unit: Laust Trier Mørk

DOP, 2nd. unit: Talib Shen Rasmussen

DOP, 2nd. unit: Emil Larsen

Editor: Jimmy Falinksky

Editor: Mark Pilegaard

Props: Christopher Bomann

Stock footage: Getty Images

Composer : Jason Luke

Composer : Jonas Krag

Speaker: Duke Walker

Production Company: FriendlyFilm.com

Executive Producer: Anna-Marie Elkjær

Production Manager: Cille Silverwood

Client Director: Thomas Thorstholm

Account Manager: Eleonore Bjerstedt

Post Producer: Anna-Marie Elkjær

Post Producer Frame: Louise Bejerholm

Executive Producer Frame: Thomas Bay

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