Snap, you’re on kindness camera

Consumers crave realness and human touch, according to Trendwatching.com. And Botany Town Centre is attempting to get real by performing what it describes as random acts of kindness on its customers.

The centre, together with author and radio host Justin Brown, conducted its own social experiment heading into February by giving shoppers gift cards to pay for their purchases. And even though some customers look a little shocked and initially slightly annoyed at being approached by a stranger, free goodies eventually warm the cockles of their hearts.

Botany local Allan Craig was one such recipient, approached as he made a purchase at Barkers.

“The last thing I expected was to be approached and given a gift card for my purchase,” says Craig.

With successful results in hand, the social experiment launched the Botany Town Centre initiative called ‘Snapped’, which kicked off earlier this week on Valentine’s Day (how sweet) and will run through until 27 February. The initiative involves snapping customers in store. If a shopper is photographed as they are about to make a purchase in-centre, they get that item for free.

With recession affects still lingering, senior marketing manager for Botany Town Centre, Desiree Clark, says the random acts of kindness are a way to help people through a difficult time.

“We realise Kiwis have had a tough couple of years and particularly after Christmas, people may be feeling a little out of pocket.”

As well as getting snappy for customers, Botany Town Centre also got snappy with the Heart Foundation earlier this month.  On the foundation’s Annual Appeal collection day on 11 February, shoppers who were snapped donating to the Heart Foundation won prizes that included gift cards, Marie Claire “Summer” cookbooks and wooden toy packs for the kiddies.

Watch Justin Brown’s social experiment below (even Mark Sainsbury makes a cameo, sort of)

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