Slaking liquid consumers – Marketing Today Conference 2011

Don’t miss out… time is running out to register for the Marketing Today Conference 2011.  The Big Day Out for the marketing industry is only 12 days away and the line up is top notch.

The focus of this year’s conference is the future of media, the future of marketing – and will share insight into where consumers are moving, the exponential pace at which this is happening, and explore how this phenomenon is transforming the media space and those that operate within it or supply to it.

The following leading marketing and media experts will be sharing their knowledge of tomorrow’s marketing landscape:

Debra Hall, Director, Synovate and chair of the Marketing Association, opens the conference by introducing the liquid consumer. Debra will present a summary of global research that will set the scene for what’s going on around the world from a consumer perspective in terms of how people are beginning to change the way they interact with media in different countries, what that might suggest for the future consumption of media and what we can learn from that in NZ. Debra will also provide insight into what human behaviours and beliefs remain constant and are therefore ready to be tapped in new ways.

Stefan Lecchi, Head of Telecommunications for Samsung, will prepare our audience for the convergence of technology across mobile, home appliances and consumer electronics and how that will shape the way consumers live, engage and purchase in the future.

Joi Ito, the radical and brilliant Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, will address the question: if social media has already transformed the media landscape, what’s next? Joi will touch on subjects including the effects that gamification is having on digital marketing strategies and what else marketers should be doing to prepare for the future consumption of media.

Joi Ito epitomises the future of marketing.  Raised in both Tokyo and the Silicon Valley, Joi has served as a board member of ICANN, the Internet’s governance organisation; he became a “guild master” in the World of Warcraft online fantasy game; and has been involved in more than a dozen investments in start-ups like Flickr, Last.fm and Twitter. Then in 1994 he helped establish the first commercial Internet Service provider in Japan.

Paul Thompson, Fairfax New Zealand’s Group Executive Editor, will introduce the critical changes that are transforming the media landscape from a publisher’s perspective. Media businesses are facing huge pressures and in response are doing some serious soul searching. Should they primarily be audience focussed or is content still the priority.

Eric Morse, Eric is the Director of D2C Marketing Operations at Warner Music Group in New York, where he is hard at work revolutionizing the marketing, messaging and distribution of recorded music. In the past had has helped create award-winning content strategy and innovative interactive marketing for top-tier brands, including Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Smirnoff Ice, Keppra XR and Citizens Bank. Eric will provide invaluable, practical yet inspirational look at what he is doing to lead the pack, how he is embracing the changes afoot in his industry, and the lessons being learnt along the way.

Russell Browne, Marketing Manager at DB Breweries will be revealing how they achieved a 20 percent sales increase and 64 percent awareness for DB EXport in a declining marketing. He will speak on how DB Breweries used integrated story telling across multiple touch points to return this outstanding ROI. Russell has been a marketing manager at DB Breweries since 2009. Prior to this he has worked in consumer, trade and customer marketing roles at Heineken UK before moving to New Zealand in 2008. He has worked on brands ranging from Foster’s, Kronenbourg, San Miguel, Monteith’s and latterly DB Export.

There will also be the opportunity to interact with key people at the leading edge of media in New Zealand during our facilitated panel discussion. The panel will include representatives from Fairfax, TVNZ, Mediaworks, NZ Telecom and New Zealand Post.

There’s an increasing amount of disruptive and transformational marketing technology coming to market. And as an industry we are driving the shift from ‘media planning’ to designing ‘user experiences’.

As a result of this emerging media environment consumers are being presented with increasing opportunities to fragment their attention across multiple multi-touch, mobile and fixed devices that facilitate a plethora of converged media experiences as they work, live and play.

The emerging consumer will continue to harness new technologies and we’re not that far away from them consuming all content on their terms, because they will be able to control when, where and how they consume content. The tools that are emerging will ensure they get all of what they want and none of what they don’t, and they are fast becoming savvy enough to work around every barrier put in their path to ensure this is the case. This is the new “liquid consumer”.

The challenge marketers face is that this new and rapidly evolving consumer behavior undercuts the old-school models marketers have relied on for quite some time. Find out how to harness the power of liquid consumerism by registering for the conference now.

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