Singalong in Icelandic

The Icelandic tourist authority, Inspired by Iceland, is challenging the world to sing ‘The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World’ in an effort to get more people speaking Icelandic.

The song, about Iceland, is mostly in English but as it goes on, more and more Icelandic words are added in for the singers to sing. At the same time, it gives interesting facts about the country, like how its moss takes 70 years to grow and sheep are every man’s best friend

Though the words on the bottom of the screen are a big help, the speed of the song adds another layer to the challenge and if you struggled to keep up, you’re not alone. A second video has been released featuring tourists giving it a shot and it delivers some humorous results.

For those keen to learn more about Iceland and its language, a series of ‘A-Ö of Iceland’ video’s have also been shared on YouTube and Inspired by Iceland’s website, covering the seven regions of the country and words to describe their features.

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