Show a little kindness: AMI embraces a new business position

AMI hopes to show kindness can make all the difference in a new brand piece by Colenso BBDO, centered on the emotion of insurance.

Featuring a couple watching their house burn down, a tradie finding his tools have been stolen, a woman coming home to a trashed house and a man faced with the challenge of his car in a river, the 60-second shot shows why insurance is important but also how a kind approach can put a smile on faces even when they’re in negative situations.

IAG general manager of customer and marketing Renee Milkop-Kerr says kindness is not always about doing the nice thing, but rather, doing the right thing. And even when dealing with negative issues, there’s always a kind way to do it.

She adds with stores nation-wide, customers can have a face-to-face chat with AMI meaning kindness has always been in its DNA.

“We’ve just now making the arguably brave move, to stand up and publicly say that we put kindness at the centre of who AMI is. This is not simply a marketing line but a position that our whole business is behind and embracing.”

Steve Cochran, Colenso’s executive creative director, adds insurance companies usually promise ‘we’ll put it right’ or use light-hearted hyperbole to say, ‘whatever happens you’re okay’ – now it’s focused on the true feelings people experience around insurance.

“The myriad of emotions that we all have when things go wrong. Anger, silliness, fear, shock, and despair. These are times when we need empathy, when we want to be treated with kindness. And as we know, kindness a powerful thing.”

The new campaign is a move away from the company’s previous work featuring animated tales of insurance coming to the rescue.

The new kindness work is running across TV, online, OOH, newspaper and radio.


Client: IAG​
Client: Valerie von Geldern, Marketing Manager AMI
Client: Divesh Bhula, Senior Segment Marketer AMI
Client: Diane Dickinson, Senior Customer Designer, IAG​
Client: Peter Hall, Head of Consumer Marketing, IAG​
Client: Renee Milkop-Kerr, EM Customer and Marketing, IAG​
Agency: Colenso BBDO​
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Ric Cantor
Media Agency: PHD
Voice over artist – Ben Baker
Music composed by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, Franklin Rd

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