W+K aims to insert #ShottaSoCo into the zeitgeist with mad music video

Comedian Danny McBride and the creative team at Wieden + Kennedy have conspired to create an infectiously catchy tune for Southern Comfort that has every possibility to become the pre-gaming anthem of millennial across the US.  

“The idea was to spread a word: ‘ShottaSoCo.’ Make that word catchy and hopefully get it stuck in your head. It was designed to be a multi-use phrase, including a great song that people actually might get some enjoyment out of,” Jimm Lasser, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy New York told Adweek. “Music is an awesome way to do messaging. It is something that can move with people, rather than the type of engagement that requires you to go to a screen.”  

As with all hit tracks, ‘ShoattaSoco’ comes with a music video—and it’s utterly outrageous. Featuring McBride flying through a retro video game universe, the music video should be terrible, but you simply can’t pull your eyes away from it. 

In addition to the outrageous music video, the campaign also features a range of other short clips that feature exuding his usual—slightly creepy, always dishevelled—charm. 


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