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McDonald’s has been fighting back against some of the more pervasive myths and legends about its business in recent years. One of the first things the Canadians explained as part of the first Our Food, Your Questions campaign is why the food never looks as good in real life as it does in the ads—and they did a good job of it. But the local outfit appears to be favouring the advertising vérité approach, because some of the pics it’s been posting recently on its Facebook page are much closer to the real thing than they are to over-stylised glamour shots. 

As the recent hubbub over Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ campaign shows, many consumers seem to prefer a bit of truth with their advertising rather than Photoshopped perfection, and social media is a realm where authenticity is demanded from brands, so kudos to McDonald’s for following up on the pretty ballsy Our Food, Your Questions campaign with this approach (it also explained why there was a disparity between the ad burgers and the real burgers). But, judging by some of the comments, they can’t seem to win either way. 

Speaking of fast food photography, here’s a clip from DigitalRev TV showing how you can do a pretty good job of it with an iPhone. 

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