See into the future with AdSchool show off session

The Media Design School AdSchool (formerly Axis) End Of Year Show is on tonight from 5.30 until 8pm at the new building at 92 Albert Street. And they want you industry juggernauts to sit down in front of the fresh-faced students, grunt a bit, leaf through a few pages and then decisively and/or contemptuously slap down a special sticker or two before wafting off again in the direction of the bar.  

As the exclamation mark-heavy invite says: “We have wine, we have beer, we have Stolen Rum, we have food, we have a room with a bit of a balcony-thing and we have, …er… what was it now? Oh yes, students! AdSchool students and with portfolios, no less! But hush! Be still your beating hearts! You don’t even have to look at them! You don’t even have to speak to them! For we’ve sent out bags of feedback stickers (and if you haven’t got yours yet, we’ll have plenty more at the show).”

So if you want to see into the future, step into the lifts, press level five and when the doors glide softly open, they’ll be there with a drink in hand.

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