Satisfied customers lead to 24 satisfied businesses as Roy Morgan announces annual winners

Roy Morgan Research last night revealed the 24 winners of its 2nd annual Customer Satisfaction Awards at a dinner in Auckland, and SBS Bank, Kiwi Bank, Subway, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Suzuki, 2 degrees, and Paradise retained their crowns from last year.

In the first-time winners category, Emirates took off with international airline of the year, Countdown bagged supermarkets, ITM stripped the hardware title from Bunnings, Starbucks took the cup from Muffin Break, and last year’s hotel winner Novotel had to make room for Hilton.

Apple’s iPhone retained the number one spot for mobile phone, but it looks set to be challenged by Samsung in 2013.

This year, every Customer Satisfaction Award winner has an online presence—from a catalogue, menu or store locator to a complete online purchasing, ordering or booking system. And Roy Morgan’s research into consumer behaviour, based on satisfaction ratings through its annual Single Source survey of over 12,000 New Zealanders, reveals that the high street and online are not opponents in the battle for retail dollars. Rather, each has merits absent in the other and only in combination can they fully satisfy customers. 

  • New Zealanders spent over $5.6 billion online in 2012
  • Only one-third of New Zealanders feel comfortable giving credit card details over the internet
  • Two out of three online shoppers prefer to buy from online retailers they know
  • 27 percent of online shoppers only buy from New Zealand online stores Roy Morgan Research collects satisfaction ratings through its annual Single Source survey of over 12,000 New Zealanders. 

“Never before has customer satisfaction been so critical,” says Debnath Guharoy, regional director, Asia Pacific and formerly general manager of Roy Morgan Research New Zealand. ”Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have given customers a megaphone to broadcast their praise or disapproval, while smartphones allow instant access to information about prices, availability and ratings. Businesses across all industries need a continuous, accurate, quantified measure of overall customer satisfaction. “These Awards identify and commend the businesses that listened to their customers throughout 2012 and provided an industry-leading level of satisfaction. “By integrating customer satisfaction measures with our world-leading Single Source survey, we offer businesses incomparable research into just who their satisfied customers are and where they can seek more of them. “Roy Morgan Research congratulates not only the winners but all successful businesses, large and small, that consistently aim to satisfy their customers.” 

  • Major Bank of the Year: Kiwibank
  • Quick Service Restaurants of the Year: Subway 
  • Chemist / Pharmacy of the Year: Amcal 
  • Clothing Store of the Year: Hallensteins 
  • Coffee Shop of the Year: Starbucks 
  • Department Store of the Year: Kirkcaldie & Stains 
  • Furniture / Electrical Store of the Year: Dick Smith 
  • Hardware Store of the Year: ITM 
  • Liquor Store of the Year: The Mill Liquorsave 
  • Music / Book Store of the Year: Take Note 
  • Shoe Store of the Year: Overland 
  • Sports Store of the Year: Hunting & Fishing 
  • Supermarket of the Year: Countdown Handset Provider of the Year: Apple iPhone 
  • Home Phone Provider of the Year: Telecom 
  • Home Internet Service Provider of the Year: Paradise 
  • Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year: 2degrees 
  • Domestic Airline of the Year: Air New Zealand Link 
  • Hotel And Resort of the Year: Hilton
  • International Airline of the Year: Emirates 
  • Electricity of the Year: Energy Online 
  • Gas of the Year: Nova Energy

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