‘Like santa for your vagina’

Remember when the prudes got all wound up after Carefree busted a few feminine hygiene taboos and used the word vagina in its ad? If you were among the complainers, then you definitely don’t want to watch this video for Hello Flo, a tampon subscription service that features a 12-year-old girl who fully embraces the arrival of her ‘red badge of courage’. 

There’s certainly no euphemistic carry-on here. It’s all pretty blunt and up front (“For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc. It’s like, I’m Joan, and their vag is the ark.”) And, just like the videos to promote similar subscription services for Dollar Shave Club and One Wipe Charlies, it’s pretty funny. 

Writer/director Pete Marquis told Adweek: “A lot of girls don’t go to their parents when they first get their period. They go to their friends. And a 12-year-old might not be the best source of information. We ran with the idea from there, and thought camp could be a funny setting. And a girl who embraced the idea of getting her period and seeing it as an opportunity to become popular, instead of being mortified, was pretty funny, too.”

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