R&R and solarZero shine light on solar power in Wanaka

R&R and solarZero have joined forces to advocate for sustainable solar power in the Wanaka area as a better way to reap the rewards of residing in the region.

In a new campaign specifically for the Wanaka and Central Otago region, solarZero messaging centers around full service renewable electricity and the promise of cleaner, cheaper, more reliable power.

“Our service is unique, it makes solar power and battery storage affordable and hassle-free for all homeowners,” says Nicki Smith, solarZero. “We offer a managed, full service subscription proposition that includes access to solar power, battery storage, monitoring system optimisation and back up power management to keep the power going during outages.”

“We also have exceptional 20 year guarantees that cover product, labour, solar production and annual savings. Ensuring our customers enjoy cleaner, cheaper, reliable energy without having to think about it. And of course because it is a subscription, there are no hardware repairs or replacement costs ever. It is a lot more than a quick installation of panels and battery.” 

Kelly Putter, Creative Director at R&R says the promise of a full service subscription proposition, the environment and an understanding of the homeowner’s mindset took the creative to an expression of freedom set against the beautiful landscapes that only Wanaka offers. “We talked to a few homeowners in the region and quickly learnt they all want solar but they don’t want to have to spend their time managing a service. Put simply, they’d rather be out and about and enjoying life, whether that’s skiing, mountain bike riding, hiking or whatever. The campaign just unfolded from there.”

Print, digital and radio channels are all part of the media mix, with the campaign due to run through the winter.


solarZero: Nicki Smith, Liesel Rowe

R&R: Aaron Jacobsen, Kelly Putter, Lauren Plumb, Olga Wujkowski

Media: Scope Media.

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