Romance blossoms again as Hyundai and Assignment Group patch up their differences

What goes around comes around. Last week we reported Assignment Group and Hyundai had parted ways. No-one would talk then, so we had a geeze at a few sales and media spend figures and decided to jump to conclusions instead (as did plenty of StopPress commentors). Well, in a strange twist to the tale, it seems the two parties have decided to resume business as normal. Not that we can say for sure, ’cause neither Assignment nor Hyundai is confirming, denying or even exhaling cigar fumes to the media.

Sources around the the two do indeed say there was a trial separation, but that creative and branding is now back with the boys from the big A. Flip, make up yer mind!

Meanwhile, Assignment’s lead suit James Hall has resigned and will be replaced by a similar heavy hitter to be announced next week.

Again, no-one from the agency would talk, except through the sides of their gobs, but it has been known for some time that Hall was expected to depart sometime soon. Just who will replace him, hmmmm, could be interesting. It might be tempting for the fellas to steal one of their clients from say, TelstraClear, but we suspect they’ll trawl through the filofax to find an old mate, probably from the Saatchi days. John Roberts? Kim Wickstead? Cindy Mitchener?

In the absence of facts from the agency we’ll just have to embrace wild speculation once again. Here’s one to start: did you hear about Kevin Roberts new gig?

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