The Rock offers to help listeners evade James Blunt

It isn’t uncommon for radio broadcasters to give away complimentary concert tickets to listeners, but the way The Rock is going about it is pretty hilarious.

As part of its online promotion titled ‘Don’t be at James Blunt,’ The Rock is inviting listeners to share their dislike of the troubadour to stand a chance of winning a ticket to see a “real rock show” outside the country on the same night that Blunt is set to perform on Kiwi shores.   

In addition to updating its website with a series of anti-Blunt banners, The Rock also made a short video to spread YouTube awareness of the competition.   

The clip, which was shot and cut in-house, at first seems like a standard montage of James Blunt promotional material, before the narrator pauses to proclaim “and … he sucks.”

From this point on, the true motivation behind the campaign is exposed and it quickly becomes clear that The Rock wants to take a lucky listener (and a friend) to a land mass that doesn’t feature the nasal twang of Blunt. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that the Rock has smuggled listeners out of the country upon the arrival of a rock undesirable. When Justin Bieber announced plans to visit New Zealand, The Rock responded similarly by hosting a competition that offered listeners a way to evade the Bieber mania.

Although both musicians might be equally disliked by a rock music audience, this time the radio station might’ve met its match. 

Throughout 2013, the singer sporadically took to Twitter to cut down the trolls that spat their vitriol at him through the social media channel.

In the event that he responds to The Rock, we could very well have an interesting social media battle on our hands. 


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