Radio Hauraki advocates pies and beers for July

Poking fun at the Dry July fundraiser campaign, Radio Hauraki is encouraging Kiwis to get behind its own initiative: ‘Beer and Pie July’.

The “movement” encourages New Zealanders to eat a pie and responsibly drink a beer each day during July, with its tagline “There’s nothing to gain when you abstain” serving as the rationale.

In a 30-second spot on Facebook, a voiceover asks about certain scenarios, such as ‘have you gone for a whole day without a pie?’ or ‘have beers and pies caused you to live your life to the fullest?” – followed up by shots of people enjoying partaking in ‘Beer and Pie July’. 

Radio Hauraki Breakfast hosts Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells have committed to sample a different beer and pie combination each morning during their breakfast radio show, and share the flavours with their audience to encourage them to get involved.

Heath says it’s a time when New Zealanders come together and celebrate two of its favourite things, beers and pies.

“Unlike other monthly causes, ‘Beer and Pie July’ isn’t trying to fix you. It doesn’t even have a charity involved. Beer and Pie July simply challenges Kiwis to have at least one beer and one pie every day for a month.”

Co-host Wells says pies are scientifically proven to be great for you.

“They are nutritious, slimming and help reproductive function in middle-aged men.”

Heath adds the “tens of thousands who get on board each year do it for themselves because they deserve it.”

“Because pies and beers are delicious. It’s the rhyming campaign with no strings attached.”

For those who are actually wanting to be healthy, or are partaking in Dry July, wellness tonic No Ugly is calling itself the “officalish” drink of Dry July. 

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