Pure SEO brings world leading AI expert to NZ

Leading independent digital marketing agency Pure SEO is embracing AI in digital marketing with the help of New York-based AI expert Britney Muller.

This strategic decision aims to ensure that Pure SEO remains at the forefront of digital marketing innovation in New Zealand. Muller, renowned for her expertise in AI and digital marketing, has made significant contributions to the field through her roles at Moz and AI unicorn, Hugging Face.

Currently in New Zealand with the team at Pure SEO, Muller was a keynote speaker at the Marketing Association’s annual Digital Day Out conference, where she was the standout speaker, discussing AI use cases, limitations, bias, privacy, and edge cases.

Pure SEO’s decision to engage with Britney Muller resulted from a comprehensive global search for someone with AI and search expertise. The introduction was facilitated by Rand Fishkin, a prominent figure in the industry and the founder of Moz and SparkToro. Recognising Muller’s exceptional skills and expertise (having employed her at Moz as an SEO data scientist), Fishkin recommended her to Pure SEO, believing she could be instrumental in driving the company’s AI initiatives forward. Muller’s proven track record and thought leadership in the SEO and AI field made her an ideal candidate to join Pure SEO’s team.

Richard Conway, CEO of Pure SEO, says: “We are excited to welcome Britney to the Pure SEO family. While working from her home in New York and visiting the team in New Zealand, Britney has accelerated and helped define how we can assist our clients in utilising AI in a safe, profitable, and effective manner. A lot of the work we are now doing is AI first. At the moment, we are being really selective with the companies we work with. Because there has been so much interest from the market, we are only taking on businesses that are ready to really engage with this technology.”

Muller’s unique skillset has already helped numerous businesses improve their systems, processes, and marketing technology to utilise AI to create a more personalised customer experience whilst reducing or removing the friction of the interaction. Ultimately, the main goal for many of our clients’ marketing initiatives is to make things easier and more client-centric whilst improving efficiency and automation within the business.

Muller is in New Zealand for a further two weeks and will continue to be part of the Pure SEO family from her home base in New York for the foreseeable future.

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