Powershop puts the power in Kiwi hands to trump Trump

With the US election now days away, Powershop has brought back the wig wearing kids in another series of Donald Trump themed satirical videos, via Special Group. However, this time Powershop is inviting Kiwis to enjoy the power by replacing his words.

Like the previous campaign, the videos feature toddlers in orange wigs reciting Donald Trump’s quotes, however, this time an interactive element has been added to challenge the audience to put their own spin on some of Trump’s most bizarre lines.

In the 15-second and 30-second spots, the footage pauses at the end of the sentence and a range of cheeky words scroll on the screen to replace Trump’s. The viewer is then challenged to share their ideas on the campaign’s microsite via Powershop’s website.

The site allows visitors to modify a selection of Trump’s lines, and some of those already shared include: “I think my greatest asset is my humility”, “I will be the greatest oompa loompa that God ever created” and “I will be the greatest mistake that God ever created”.

Up for grabs for those who trump Trump, are Trump related prizes including tanning lotion, Monopoly New York City and latex Trump masks.

For those who don’t give it a go online, the campaign is supported by a range of digital adshels and interactive street posters with adhesive words that can be torn off and placed over Trump’s.

Since Trump’s presidential campaign kicked off, he and his wig have faced a lot of mockery and Powershop isn’t the first to trump Trump.

Earlier this year, Swedish creative agency Animal launched trumpdonald.org, which allows website visitors to blow a trumpet at Trump’s head and watch him squirm as his comb over gets blown about.

The trumpet had been blown over 137,400,000 times so far.

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