PostClick comes out to Play

Online revenue figures show no signs of abating at the moment, and one of the newer players in the local ad network scene, PostClick, is aiming to get a bigger slice of the pie by launching a new multi-unit online video product called Play, which national sales manager Ben Osborne says simplifies the fragmented online video industry and makes it easy for agencies to buy pre-roll ad space. 

Osborne, who has worked as a digital specialist at Yellow and a digital sales manager at ffunnel in the past, says the company, which was started around ten years ago in Australia and was purchased by global network Komli Media recently, has seen very solid growth since it kicked off in New Zealand in October.

It’s got off to a fairly good start and now exclusively represents MetaCafe, Mail Online (which reaches over 500,000 UBs monthly in New Zealand), surf.co.nz, snow.co.nz, open2view.com, Countdown.co.nz, Bloomberg and Hot Copper. And he says the new product, which builds ads across all major video units from expandable to pre-roll, and uses patent pending analytics technology to ensure advertiser goals are met, enables it to add new video units as the industry evolves.

“Every unit performs differently and we want to be able to ensure we can perform no matter what the goal,” he says.

He says PostClick is working a lot with pre-roll and banner activity at present, much of it linked to social media, and, with display still growing at a healthy rate, he’s confident things can keep heading in the right direction.

“It’s about providing solutions around audience and ensuring the least amount of wastage,” he says. “So if you’re able to do that, then agencies want to talk with you.”

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