Pop Art: Sky and DDB turn black screens into works of art with a pop-up channel

Turned off TVs are not typically a source of inspiration, but DDB and the Sky Arts channel want to bring some beauty to blank TV boxes with ‘Art Your TV’. 

“People’s TV screens are off and therefore blank for much of the day. The idea was to turn these uninspiring empty black frames on people’s walls into the world’s biggest art gallery,” says DDB executive creative director Shane Bradnick.

A week long pop-up channel will display local art work, so instead of turning off their TV viewers can switch to this channel and have immediate artwork in their home. “We wanted to show the special ability that Sky has to deliver something beautiful right into your living room,” says Bradnick.

Bradnick calls Sky the home of arts, culture and meaningful experiences, as well as great entertainment, and this initiative is a way to make art accessible to all customers and give talented New Zealand artists exposure, while promoting the arts section of Sky. The art gallery will be broadcasted to more than 700,000 homes, more than your average art gallery.

“We thought this was a beautiful idea. To be able to use our platform to bring something like this into the homes of thousands of New Zealanders, showcasing the huge talent this country has, it’s really special,” says Sky marketing manager Amber Cooke.

Thirty five different artists from five different galleries are involved in Art Your TV. Gow Langsford, Art + Object, LOT23, Mossgreen-Webb’s and endemicworld galleries are all on board, and notable artists on display include Colin McCahon, Natalie Tozer, Dick Frizzell and Goldie. However, less well-known and up-and-coming artists will also be involved in a bid to get viewers to start collecting their own art.

Speaking of bidding, the featured artwork will be available to purchase at an online auction and store on the channel’s website, where there are further details about each piece. The artwork can also be accessed by scanning the screen with a phone.

The pop-up will be live from 10–17 November on channel 220.

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