Pokemon Go one year on

It’s been a year since Pokemon Go launched, causing people to roam the streets and turning Auckland’s Mission Bay into a sea of people walking head down in search of the AI creatures. Now, to mark the anniversary, its maker is celebrating the cities that catch the most Pokemon.

A massive outdoor campaign by Niantic and its agency Wieden+Kenedy has rolled out across London, New York and Tokyo to show how many Pokemon have been caught in each. It also recognises those achievements by calling the London players ‘World Leaders in Financial Services, the Arts and Poke Ball throwing’ and saying New York players’ have ‘Legendary Catches’.

The anniversary is also being marked by special events, which will see players have access to new and more Pokemon, as well as discounts in the game’s store. There will also be events in different cities around the world allowing players to interact and engage in new activities.

The events will hopefully act to boost engagement in the game, which has been declining since shortly after it launched. According to Bloomberg, the game started a downward trend in July.

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