Writing poems for peanuts

In addition to the creamy goodness of crushed peanuts, every jar of Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter also comes with the deep and meaningful musings of Taumaranui poet Bill Smith.

However, those who are quick to discard of empty jars will miss out on the words, which are printed on the reverse of the label.

So important is Smith to the brand that Pic’s has even dedicated an entire page to the poet on its website. Here, curious peanut butter aficionados and poetry fans can find answers to pressing questions, like ‘Who is Bill Smith?’ and ‘Where can I read more of Bill’s poetry?’

And those who are concerned about tearing the poems in half will appreciate the thoughtful touch of an instructional video that gives a step-by-step guide on how to remove the label.

Although Smith admits to being an avid Pic’s eater, he doesn’t mention peanut butter in his poems, preferring instead to share personal observations about life.

So, without further ado, here’s a poem by Smith that ends with a slightly unsettling double entendre:

Mother’s Cat’s Fleas

One day when mother found a flea
she knew, just knew it had to come

from all the filthy flats where I

stayed with my dirty friends

I heard her with a stoic grunt

until I came across her cat

asleep in its
favourite chair

I shook that chair in sad despair

shook it, tipped it upside down

within its nasty cotton folds

I came across some tiny eggs

and showed them to my mother

Look! There! I shouted – Look at this!

Your cat’s nests filled with vermin

Don’t talk nonsense they’re not fleas

They’re spiders, moths or maybe bees

I fetched a needle, opened wide

an egg and found, asleep inside

a flea a flea as sure as day

and showed it to my mother

Mother looked and in disgust 

said that she had never trusted

me around the cat and could I

please not touch it any more

And stroked her stupid pussy.

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