Pitchblack plays God, Almighty

Pitchblack Partners have released its latest campaign for Almighty’s new holier-than-thou sparkling water range.

Almighty’s latest OOH campaign, and dear I say catchy as fuck jingle, plays into its holy name, and also fits nicely into stereotype that people who like sparkling water think they’re above everyone else.

 “Pitchblack have nailed the launch of our new sparkling water range, in what is a super exciting time for Almighty,” says Almighty’s Ben Lenart. 

“The team have taken a light-hearted approach to elevate the qualities of Almighty Sparkling Waters, that make them a perfect drink for the current times – delicious, healthy and sustainable. And the jingle is just super catchy.”

The campaign, which launches this week, includes social, On Demand and YouTube video, as well as street posters – some of which feature a New Zealand-first special build using a 3D cut-out mounted on foam with LED back lighting to give the can image a luminous, halo-like appearance. 

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