Motion Sickness helps spread Pic’s across Australia and New Zealand

Pic’s peanut butter has joined forces with Motion Sickness for a Facebook competition campaign running across New Zealand and Australia called ‘Pay it forward’, where Pic’s fans can do just that by nominating friends who they feel deserve a jar of nutty goodness.

To enter, participants visit the Facebook page, click the ‘Pay it forward’ tab and nominate a friend telling Pic’s why the friend needs the nutter butter in their life. Then each person who wins a jar will be asked to select two more people from the list of nominations (which appear on a map of Australia and New Zealand), and so on.

Motion Sickness business/digital director Alex McManus says Motion Sickness was asked to create something interactive and engaging targeted at both New Zealand and Australia.

He says the competition, which was inspired by the film Pay it Forward, has had loads of nominations so far and received 1,100 in the first three days of the campaign.

“Everyone loves Pic’s Peanut Butter, and the concept is unique in that it’s a competition that requires entrants to pay it forward, rather than engage for their own gain,” he says.

He says there is a lot going on behind the scenes. “I think by the time it wraps up in a few weeks that map is going to be pretty hectic. There are a lot of people that are stuck on standard peanut butter, which is full of sugar. “So lots of the reasons behind the nominations are people wanting to convert their friends to Pic’s.”

He says Pic’s eaters are quite passionate about the brand itself already. “Once converted, Pic’s eaters don’t often revert back to another peanut butter brand. They actually become brand advocates. We wanted to tap into this strong community and use it to spread the love. It’s an opportunity to say thank you to people for their good deeds, big or small.”

So far the campaign video has had over 37,000 views and there have been 8,000 engagements with the content. It’s also had 3,000 sessions on the microsite (including 1,100 nominations).

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