Photoshop in real life: Neutrogena’s digital Adshel attempts to wind back the clock

Digital screens and mobile technology offer a range of new creative opportunities for the outdoor industry and Johnson & Johnson-owned brand Neutrogena has employed the services of a special hi-tech Adshel in Auckland that takes photos of punters, does a bit of whizzbangery and spits out an image that reveals a ‘younger looking you’. 

The campaign, which started last on 7 October, began with a week-long teaser campaign with two creative executions featuring a product shot of Neutrogena’s new Rapid Wrinkle Repair cream and a call-to-action message inviting people to return to the Britomart site at midday on Wednesday 16 October.

This week saw the addition of an interactive digital Adshel and, to “demonstrate the type of results that can be achieved by using the cream”, Adshel has installed a digital touch screen that takes pictures (if you want to reveal a fatter you, we recommend FatBooth). 

“We all know that digital signs are a thing of beauty and the Neutrogena campaign takes that a step further and makes you look good too,” says Barry Eggleton, create & innovations group manager at Adshel. 

Programmed in-house by Adshel’s Ignite Team with graphic assets supplied by the New Zealand creative house Graphic Cafe, the sign uses an attached HD camera to record an image of a commuter’s face, applies smoothing enhancement filters and displays the before and after result on screen. Commuters are then invited to download the ‘after’ image to their phone via a QR code that they can then share through social media.

It’s basically Photoshop in real life and while it’s an interesting gimmick that will presumably capture a bit of attention, the exaggeration does seem quite close to home for a cosmetics brand, especially given the amount of coverage some of the industry’s misleading advertising tactics have been getting lately. ​

The team from Neutrogena will be on site outside Westfield Downtown on Lower Queen Street from midday Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 October from 11am – 3pm to activate the campaign.

“Neutrogena is also planning to supply a number of users that interact with the campaign on these dates with their products to trial and then professionally photograph the results,” says Eggleton. “So far the client feedback has been great.”

Speaking of Photoshop in real life, here’s a great example of it. 

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