PHDiQ’s online space exploration for Vodafone nets DSA award

Following on from its win in the Yahoo! New Zealand Digital Strategy Award for its LiptonSlide campaignPHDiQ has taken out the latest edition of the competition for its launch of the Samsung Galaxy III on behalf of Vodafone.

The campaign, which involved targeting potential customers as they went about their mobile phone purchase research (and featured creative from DraftFCB), incentivised consumers with a chance to win a trip to space. And this campaign helped Vodafone achieve large sales volumes of their Galaxy SIII handsets in June 2012 and a hefty increase in data plan sign-ups.


Judges were looking for smart digital thinking, evidence of strategic planning, and campaigns with digital at their core. Campaigns were also judged on their ability to deliver against key objectives, create targeted niche content, add value to the audience and possibly provide a greater social benefit.

“The team from PHDiQ created a campaign that achieved great consumer, business and partner results,” says Yahoo! New Zealand general manager, Laura Maxwell-Hansen. “They demonstrated that they understand audience behaviour and tailored the media and creative to elicit the best response from the digital environment.”

Fellow judges Helen Baxter, “managing directrix” of Mohawk Media and James McGlinn, co-founder and CTO at Eventfinder, were also impressed with how digital media was used in the campaign.

Vodafone delivered a simple and effective campaign to get attention, provide information and drive sales, while standing out from other vendor handset promotions with the chance to win a trip to space,” says Baxter.

“Appealing to potential customers directly in their research phase shows insight,” says McGlinn. “The rich placements are compelling and entice the user to engage, and by handing off to Vodafone’s own store for conversion they ensure a seamless user experience.”

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