Phantom gives Game of Thrones season seven an icy reception

Game of Thrones season seven hits screens next week on and Phantom Billstickers and Sky have created a chilling reminder for fans.

Working with Sky’s agency partners OMD and DDB, Phantom has created a winter-themed sidewalk display at a number of its sites with a series of icicle-laden posters. The frames were created using a specially formulated resin and specialist prop-making to retro-fit realistic icicles and then filled with black posters promoting 17 July as the date the season goes to air on SoHo and featuring an image of the villain Night’s King.

The bold display brings fruition to the ‘Winter is Here’ message, which is the premise for the season.

Phantom account manager Kasmira Sewpershad says being a street level premium outdoor medium meant it could do a lot with the idea and it used a specially formulated resin and some specialist prop-making to find a way to retrofit realistic-looking icicles onto Phantom frames on strategic sites.     

Game of Thrones season seven is focused on winter has now come, and New Zealand is one of the only countries to be in winter ourselves for the launch, so it was perfect for us to execute this type of campaign at this time of the year.”

She adds it couldn’t have timed it more perfectly if it tried, as it’s set to be this year’s coldest week with snow and rain across the country.

Sky agrees that New Zealand’s winter provided an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up in the marketing strategy. In a statement, its content marketing manager Kate Whittle says: “The campaign is designed around high impact placements that play on the reality of winter around us with the most compelling theme for GoT’s penultimate season.”

For the effort, Phantom has received a number of comments about the quality of the sites and Sewpershad says there’s also been interest from the public on social media, with passers-by sharing snapshots of the execution.

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