PAK’nSAVE and FCB use Stick-tech to help NZ save money and slash food waste

PAK’nSAVE and FCB have teamed up to empower individuals in becoming more resourceful and reducing waste through the innovative Savey Mealmaker.

This user-friendly web tool harnesses the power of AI to generate delicious recipes using ingredients already present in your home pantry.

It’s just another way that Foodstuffs is working to make a difference in Aotearoa through its four social promises to be Here for NZ: to support our local communities, provide our customers with healthy and affordable food, meaningful work, and be leaders in sustainability.   

According to a Kantar New Zealand Food Waste Survey, conducted by Rabbobank and KiwiHarvest in April 2022, New Zealand households throw out around $1500 worth of food each year. The food isn’t off, it’s just forgotten about in the fridge. That’s why PAK’nSAVE is encouraging people to shop their fridge first. 

PAK’nSAVE Senior Marketing Manager Lauren Ness says: “We’re always looking for ways to save customers money – and were super excited this one’s also helping reduce food waste – use up what you’ve got before you shop.” 

FCB/SIX’s Creative Director Jared Isle says: “There are dozens of recipe finders out there, but the fun for us was finding a way to generate an unlimited number of brand-new recipes that could only come from the iconic Stickman. Unexpectedly hilarious and unexpectedly delicious.” 

Head to saveymealmaker.co.nz and let the stick-tech work its magic. If you don’t fancy what’s on offer, no worries – Savey Mealmaker will have another go. 

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