Over a third of of ‘net-addicted Kiwis could own a tablet this year: Ericsson

Ericsson New Zealand predicts more than one in three New Zealanders who use the internet daily may have a tablet device by the end of the year.

The prediction comes after ConsumerLab analysis showed tablet penetration among an online panel of 500 New Zealander residents aged 16-60 who are online each day.

The analysis showed tablet penetration among that group has grown to almost 20 percent, up from seven percent last year. Smartphone penetration among the panel had grown to almost 60 percent, nearly double what it was in 2012.

“We have seen massive growth in tablet ownership in New Zealand; based on consumer expressed interest, there is a good potential that by the end of the year, over one in three New Zealanders daily internet users will own a tablet,” said Warren Chaisatien, Ericsson’s strategic marketing manager.

Smartphone takeup might reach 63 percent if consumer expressed interest is anything to go by, the company says.

The panel’s top uses for tablets were internet browsing at 66 percent, emailing at 58 percent and games at 53 percent. For smartphones, they were voice and SMS, internet browsing, using mobile apps, instant messaging and watching videos.

”When asked about time of tablet use, most New Zealanders use their tablet at home in the evening, followed by while watching TV and in bed before sleeping,” says Chiastien. “Holiday usage is next on the list. Tablets are also commonly used as a time-killer as more than 36 percent use their tablets while waiting for something.”

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