The oracle has spoken: cherry-picking the best bits from Mary Meeker’s latest internet trends report

Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has gained a reputation as something of a tech oracle as a result of her famed Internet Trend Reports. She has been sharing educated views and revealing data on how technology is changing the world, transforming markets and offering new business opportunities since 2001. And here are some of our favourite slides from this year’s presentation. 

The internet has grown faster as an advertising channel than TV or radio. 

But a huge proportion of that digital revenue is going to just two main players. 

Based on time spent metrics, there’s still a big revenue opportunity on mobile (although smartphone growth is slowing globally). 

But people are increasingly trying to block mobile ads. 

The way we’re being marketed to is changing as we move online, and so is the way we’re buying. 

We live in the age of the exponential organisation, where companies are growing faster than ever before. And e-commerce is a big area of potential growth. 

Facebook is dominant among the young, but there are other social platforms on its tail. The next phase of video viewing is personal—and live. 

Social media is where businesses need to be focused if they hope to offer customer service. We’re typing less and talking more to our computers and phones. 

Data as a platform: data is easier to create and cheaper to store, leading to a whole heap of data-based products, more data breaches and more concern over data storage. 

At a macro level, some of the major growth drivers of the past few years are ‘losing their mojo’ and the global economy is slowing. But, on the plus side, we’re living much longer. 

Check out the full presentation here, the various other presentations from over the years here and see Meeker’s presentation below. 

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