O’Connor’s purple lip slug and soul patch combo wows judges

Coloured facial hair is usually reserved for those who drive housebuses, members of hair metal bands or Billy Connolly. It’s certainly not too common in this biz, but Carat’s business director Gareth ‘Connolly of the South’ O’Connor has used colour to great effect and been rewarded with the mo of the week title. 

“This time of the month can be tough, people giving half looks, is he growing a mo or isn’t he?” says Movember’s Robert Dunne. “Then there are the follicly gifted who parade around saying things like ‘I even started late’. Sometimes you’ve just got to change it up, take a risk, which is why this Mo has to be the weekly winner. Throw some colour in there and own it. Remember, wear the Mo, don’t let the Mo wear you!” 

He takes a $150 bar tab courtesy of TVNZ, and joins last week’s winner Nigel Hooker on the hirsute podium. 

But he’s more than just novelty facial hair. The weekly media news clips he posts on YouTube are worth checking out. 


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