NZTA gives Jono and Ben a history lesson

Jono and Ben recently referred to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) by its old acronym LTSA. In reponse to this verbal misstep, Anthony Frith, the media manager at NZTA, sent the pair of comedians a lesson on the recent history of nomenclature.

Jono and Ben were so impressed by the inspired email that they immediately posted it on Twitter, with the comment “We accidentally called the NZ Transport Agency by their old name (LTSA). They responded with this awesome e-mail.”

In the email, Firth starts formally by referring to the erroneous reference made on the show but he quickly descends into satire. He says, “For future reference, we haven’t been the LTSA since 2005, when Miley Cyrus was eleven years old, George W Bush was nearing the end of his first term as US President, songs like This Love, Milkshake and Take Me Out were still in the charts, we were only on our first Saw move, a no-one had heard of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Glee.”

He then gives them advice on pop culture names, quipping,  “P.S. for your records, other name changes in the last decade or so include Puff Daddy (now Diddy), Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), C4 (Four), Newsboy (Jeremy Wells) and Woolworths (now Countdown, although Countdown is still just Countdown).”

To read the full email, please click here.

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