NZ Blood Service, YoungShand unveil new campaign

In the face of tragedy, Kiwis are overwhelmingly responsive – inundating the NZ Blood Service with offers to donate blood or plasma. But the reality is that 83 New Zealanders will experience an unseen emergency and need life saving donations every day. A trip to the dentist, pregnancy or a nosebleed can all end in a life-threatening emergency.

NZ Blood Service’s new brand campaign, ‘Unseen Emergencies’, focuses on life-threatening scenarios faced by Kiwis. Each story is inspired by a real medical emergency. 

Launching at 6pm on 1 NEWS, the series of short films brings viewers into the centre of five emergencies as they take place across the country, ending with ‘Don’t wait to save a life’.

NZ Blood Service National Marketing and Communications Manager, Asuka Burge says: “New Zealanders are amazing at coming together during a national crisis.

“During times like Whakaari White Island or the Christchurch Mosque attacks, we’re always amazed by the offers to donate blood or plasma. But the reality is, we need people to commit to ongoing, regular donations to meet demands.”

Research has shown that we understand the need to donate, but the evidence shows that it has to feel closer to home. To turn apathy into action, the campaign aims to inspire Kiwis to donate regardless of whether or not an emergency makes the news.

YoungShand ECD, Anne Boothroyd says: “Through the use of real unseen emergencies, we want to reiterate the importance of donors committing to ongoing, regular donations, not just when a story hits the news.

“Because when we face our own unseen emergency, we’re relying on the generosity of someone else to save our life – it could happen to any of us.”

With at least 30,000 more donors needed in the next year to meet the demand for blood and plasma, the campaign asks all eligible New Zealanders to show up for the unseen emergencies, as well as the highly visible ones.

YoungShand GM, Emma Dalton says: “Our long-standing partners, NZ Blood Service, helped us to unearth the data and real stories that inspired the campaign. Delivered through our integrated Strategy, Creative, Media and Tech teams, the news takeover is supported by a mix of outdoor, digital, social, radio and ongoing TV.”


Agency – YoungShand

Client – NZ Blood Service

Production Company – Film Construction

Sound and Post Production – Radiate

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