New Zealand has a serious ‘P’ epidemic—but it’s not quite what you think

Whether it’s the swishing tick of Nike or the messy asterisk of Spark, logos are a brand’s defining visual feature, often distinctive and recognisable with just a single cursory glance.

But what happens when things get a bit too same-same? Over at the StopPress offices, we noticed an uncanny trend across three different brands. All working in different industries, the only thing tying them together is that their names start with the letter ‘P’. And boy, have they gone to town with that. 

Case #1

Pandora have been operating in New Zealand for quite some time now, and it seems its plain blue logo isn’t quite as unique as it thinks. Considering it’s already having to battle with a certain jewellery brand for its namesake, it’s more woe for the music streaming service. 

Case #2

Although not officially its logo, Ponsonby Business Association has been flaunting its P’s all over its website and social media. 

Case #3

Recently launched urban lifestyle title Paperboy is the final offender in this P-off. Like Pandora and Ponsonby, it’s hip, stylish and colourfully versatile which makes it all the more similar to the rest. What were the designers at Bauer thinking?


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