New proofing tool enters the advertising fray

Omnilab Media’s online delivery baby Adsend has launched its new digital asset delivery surface for NZ and Oz, called Certified Soft Proofing (CSP). Successfully launched and well received over in the UK, the soft proofing tool is selling itself on its ability to, in the words of Adsend chief executive Grant Schuetrumpf, “accurately simulate a print ad on the desktop as it appears when printed in the magazine or newspaper publication”.

The benefit of CSP, described as an industry first, seems to be that it ensures viewing of a press ad is more predictable in a controlled environment, and and it certainly looks to be more of a service to clients than agencies.

“Adsend users can be sure they are viewing the profiled ad with optimum settings… we capture these settings in the delivery process so that the receiving publisher has the confidence the advertising sender has proofed the ad in a controlled environment, hence the term ‘certified’,” says Schuetrumpf.

Adsend users will already be familiar with the standard web based booking and delivery process which CSP follows. Schuetrumpf says the new system offers a very efficient method in which to control and predict how clients press ads are commercially printed.

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