New lifestyle magazine aims to drive consumer passion for motoring

Recognising that a Kiwi’s vehicle of choice often reflects their lifestyle, New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s latest consumer magazine offering, Driven, is opening its pages to celebrate the connection between motoring and the New Zealand lifestyle.

Driven’s reputation is built on being the authority on all things motoring. We deliver great automotive journalism, produce reviews car buyers can have confidence in and provide the automotive industry with a great platform to reach audiences,” says Driven General Manager Greg Cassidy.

“The time is right to take Driven to the next level creating an even deeper connection with our readers and advertisers. The Driven editorial team will bring the “why” to vehicle purchasing. We know that passion for a car frequently goes beyond the make and model and about how your car helps you really live your life.”

Driven will feature content on lifestyle and travel, adventure, environmental issues pertaining to the motoring industry, and advancements in industry technology, all encompassing readers’ interests beyond the car.

“We’re refreshing, expanding and evolving so that Driven is as entertaining as it is informative. In a new ‘magazine’ format it will be equally at home in a cafe, doctor’s waiting room or mechanical workshop. Unlike other car market places, Driven is unique in that it offers a one-stop shop for all things motoring. With editorial news and reviews for both enthusiasts and casual readers at its core, it’s also a popular platform for those looking to buy and sell,” explains Driven Editor Dean Evans.

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