NBR launches unique ‘open door’ freelance scheme

It’s a novel way to do business. The National Business Review is launching a new performance-related freelance contributors system for its online news service. Last month we reported the authority had some positions vacant. Today it has announced a new freelance scheme, which is ‘as well as’ not ‘instead of’ replacing those staff. The service will link the value of each story to its popularity on the site.

NBR online gets a fair bit of traffic. In the week beginning 27 February 27, it attracted 203,212 page impressions, according to Nielsen NetRatings.

NBR head of digital Chris Keall said the scheme would allow more casual freelancers to contribute stories. The performance scheme will guarantee a minimum payment of $50 if it is accepted and posted online by chief reporter Jock Anderson. The payment rises to $150 if the hit rate reaches 400 and $350 if it exceeds 800.

“We believe there are many freelancers who come across good business-related stories during the course of their routine work who would benefit by an open door scheme like this,” says Keall.

Copy would be edited and checked if necessary by NBR online. Only experienced journalists’ copy would be eligible under the scheme. Journalists should in the first instance submit copy to chief reporter Jock Anderson ([email protected].)

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