Motion Sickness and Netsafe use our littlest stars to promote internet safety

Netsafe New Zealand has created a digital parenting tool kit for parents to ensure their kids are safe online while Motion Sickness has curated the cutest stars to get the message across.

Featuring some tiny Kiwis, the ad is a montage of at-home videos with each child explaining that they’re bored during lockdown, they want to be online using games and platforms that are for teenagers and they want to freely roam the internet.

Netsafe understands the difficulty parents might have keeping their young children safe online so is offering a free toolkit for guidance.

In a rapidly changing world where everyone, including kids, are online, it was important the toolkit could help parents teach their children how to have a positive experience and reduce harm.

The toolkit is accessible, easy to read and comes in seven stages, understand, learn, explore, agree, teach, model and plan.

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