Who shared the love on Mother’s Day?

This last Sunday again marked a day of breakfast in bed, being taken out for a meal or watching kids take over all the chores. It also again served as another excuse for marketers to inundate us with their Mother’s Day-themed advertising. We look at some of the most creative efforts that popped up this year. 

Uber celebrated the day by sharing a video about three mums who drive for the company. #UberMums was sent to all of Ubers New Zealand passengers to tell them the story of how the mums make Uber work for them. 

Spark invited people to share what they love about their mum.

The New Zealand Olympic Team showed its appreciation for the support mums give to the country’s athletes.

New Zealand Police Recruitment celebrated women who play the role of mum and cop.

It also used the day to take on the issue of violence against women.

2degrees got creative with its logo.

Jeep New Zealand opted to celebrate its cars as well as Kiwi mums.

The Breeze shared some good New Zealand humor with a dad’s take on the best present for Mother’s Day.

For those who didn’t agree, the radio station also teamed up with Interflora to surprise one lucky mum with some flowers.

For those who fancy chocolate over flowers, Whittaker’s got amongst the festivities.

Countdown also helped out with some gift ideas.

While plenty of brands appeared to be sharing the love, Farmers missed the mark.

Last week, the retailer was forced to apologies for a slip up in a promotional Mother’s Day email after people complained about the title “Your Mum sent us her wish list”.

People took to the Farmers’ Facebook page to express their anger about receiving the email despite no longer having a mother.

Plenty of other brands celebrated Mother’s Day. Share your favourites below.

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