Mother’s Day 2017: commercial messages of love

Air New Zealand celebrated all the things mums have to put up with when travelling with their children. Created by Host Sydney, the video features children telling a poem in which they admit to their difficult behaviour at 30,000 ft, including frantic toilet runs, splashing wine on crotches, confusing handbags for puke bags and endless crying and screaming.

Radio Hauraki’s Matt and Jerry marked Mother’s Day with their own, slightly uncomfortable take on Anne Geddes photographs.

The photographer is famous for her images of babies in flowers and dressed in cute outfits and the two breakfast show hosts have created their own. However, there are no babies—they’re the babies. 

Two images of the men—one sitting naked in cabbages and the other in a pumpkin—were turned into cards for people to send to their mothers. If people were feeling particularly generous, they could also add a Matt & Jerry Oven Mit from the Matt & Jerry Homewares range. They’re available for purchase through Mr Vintage.

Photos from Radio Hauraki.

It’s not uncommon for kids to take over the housework and cooking on Mother’s Day, but New World took it one step further, by giving its mums the day off and bringing in their kids as replacements.

It shared a video showing the kids trying to navigate their way around the supermarket, with one girl faced with the challenge of locating an aubergine while another had to get out of working late due to her bedtime. Meanwhile, their mums were at a spa relaxing.

Kiwibank decided to get verbal by examining some of the important vernacular that pops up in motherhood. From ‘preening’ (improving one’s personal style via bowl cut) to porridge (a proper breakfast as opposed to Fruit Loops) to public indignity (a mother’s prerogative to wipe your face under any circumstance), it shows off both the personal good (and the cringeworthy embarrassment) of having mum at your side. 

ANZ wanted to highlight the hardworking mums that take sports seriously, showcasing its support for the Dutchies by providing the team with brand new gear, a training session with netballer Casey Kopua and a professional coach to guide them through the season.

We may not all want to admit it, but there’s nothing better than a phone call with mum. This Mother’s Day, Spark decided to make sure one of its customers never has to go without those calls, by giving away a free custom hotline to their super mum.

With many mothers being treated to a brunch on the town or breakfast in bed, Whittaker’s decided to produce their own take on the Mother’s Day tradition by serving up a rather chocolatey meal. Watch the short clip here

As well as using the occasion to promote a few products mums would like (hand creams, etc), Countdown also kicked off a competition to win some chocolate prize packs.

Lotto and DDB celebrated mums by pointing out all the magical things they do for us. While the unique the spot was dedicated to the special day, it continues the trend of heart-warming messages in Lotto’s branding.

Overseas, American Greetings took a different approach to the day, with a particularly emotional spot that shows a card is more than just a card when a daughter gets her mother’s message tattooed onto her wrist.

Last year, Uber celebrated the day by sharing interview videos with its drivers who are mums. This year, it marked the day by showing all the backseat behaviour mums have to deal with.

Meanwhile, Skittles may take the cake for worst Mother’s Day ad this year. Called ‘Umbilical’, it shows a mother and her grown-up son sharing Skittles through an umbilical cord.

  • If you saw any other stand-out Mother’s Day campaigns, share them in the comments below.

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