More Grabbies pay via mobile

Fourteen months after launching its mobile application, GrabOne’s mobile sales are at an all time high. Twelve percent of all GrabOne purchases over the Christmas period were via the GrabOne mobile application, up from 5.45 percent in November 2011 and 1.5 percent over Christmas 2010.

GrabOne marketing director Campbell Brown attributes the increase in Kiwis buying deals via their mobile phones to the streamlined mobile experience, a unified mobile platform for all devices, optimisation of emails being viewed on mobile devices, and less Kiwis behind their desks during the Christmas period.

“Globally there are eCommerce sites with mobile purchases as high as 40 per cent,” says Brown. “While this would be a remarkable feat in the current New Zealand market, we’re confident of achieving our target of 25 percent of all sales via mobile by September.

Mobile based browsing allows businesses to offer real-time deals to attract relevant or nearby consumers.

“Although mobile commerce in New Zealand is still very much underutilised compared to other markets, we’re certainly no longer confined to accessing the internet via our desktop computers, especially with the increase in affordable Android based handsets and surge in tablet purchases,” adds Brown.

GrabOne released a full version of their app for both iPhone and Android in October 2010 featuring all seven vertical sites including Experience, Families, Escapes, Home & Garden, Store, Bottle and Tee. GrabOne has consistently improved its mobile offerings since they launched and has worked hard to educate customers on the advantages of using their mobile app.

“You can’t just deliver a mobile offering and expect people to begin purchasing,” says Brown. “You need to ensure you offer a seamless customer experience and look after them. No matter how savvy your customers are, if they’re in the habit of browsing on mobile and purchasing from their computer they need to be convinced of the benefits of shopping mobile and assured of a secure transactional environment. It’s still an emerging opportunity here in New Zealand but the tipping point has arrived.”

Expect more short-term and real-time location-based deals to customers via the upcoming GrabOne Instant, which is currently in development.

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