MOP gets real about Christmas

Melbourne’s Magnum Opus Partners advertising agency (MOP) doesn’t want you to have a stock-standard Christmas this year.

It’s released a tongue-in-cheek Christmas campaign featuring a family at the dinner table joyfully sharing a meal. However, rather than a delightful tale about how amazing their evening is, the voiceover instead commentates the scene with brutal honesty about how everyone is feeling.

Kicking it off is a shot of a boy putting a Santa hat on his grandad, to which the voiceover says: “The old fart, aka grandad, acts as if he likes the little twerp but we all know he’d rather be dozing in his recliner chair.”

The ad continues for another minute before the voiceover explains the reason for all the honesty.

“Don’t have stock-standard Christmas this year,” he says. Have a cracker.”

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