‘Milk was a good choice’: Anchor flexes for next instalment of ‘Must be Milk’

Anchor’s latest campaign via Colenso BBDO aims to bring some of the benefits of milk to life—and, ideally, reverse declining milk consumption—by showing a selection of real stories. And, following on from the first teeth-related ad, it’s moved onto showing how it helps grow muscle with a beautifully made spot featuring a dancer called Nathan. 

Directed by James Solomon from Fish, the ad features a series of slow-motion shots, plenty of impressive moves and rippling abs (the Adshels are also very ab-heavy). And it aims to position milk as a sports drink to “help grow muscle, strengthen bone and recover fast”.

As it says on the website: “To grow muscle tone and muscle mass, the body needs access to protein. Milk actually contains two types – whey and casein proteins. Whey is a ‘fast protein’ that’s great after exercise. Casein, on the other hand, is a slow-release protein that can sustain you for longer. Since milk provides both, one big glass gives your body an ideal combination of muscle-building proteins.”

That’s certainly true. But taking a big swig out of a bottle of milk after getting all sweaty just made us think of this scene from the appropriately named Anchorman

In the first installment, five-year-old Lila and her mum discovered the joy of the tooth fairy and she gave her take on growing older, where teeth come from and the tooth fairy’s roll in it all. Online, the clip focuses on her mum and how she feels about her little girl growing up. And in the real world—and in a similar fashion to various Santa services—Anchor helped parents bring some of that magic to life with personalised letters from the tooth fairy

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