Lewis Road Creamery shows its cheeky side on TV—UPDATED

We are all big kids when it comes to milk according to Lewis Road Creamery, whose latest campaign leaves no time for table manners when enjoying dairy products.

Problem Child and Exposure have created two 30-second TVCs that share the stories of individuals caught in a moment of indulgence with the dairy products.

Creative partner Rich Maddocks said in release that the campaign comes from the insight that many Lewis Road consumers felt like they were discovering dairy all over again and he believed those moments of enjoyment were a perfect fit.

The brand campaign and TVC are a first for the dairy brand, which has experienced huge momentum since its launch two years ago despite its little above-the-line spend according to Problem Child’s strategy partner Louise Chapman.

Social media saw a frenzy start over its now-famous collaboration with Whittaker’s to make a chocolate milk.

The Perfect Marriage of Milk & Chocolate. Lewis Road Creamery & Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Creamy Milk. In store now Farro Fresh & Moore Wilson’s.

Posted by Lewis Road Creamery on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fresh Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Chocolate, Fresh Heilala Vanilla & Fresh Coffee Supreme Milks, on their way to a store near you.

Posted by Lewis Road Creamery on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Efforts to raise awareness about its blue top milk saw it labeled as ‘breast milk’, which drew a great deal of attention both good and bad. Twenty cents was donated to Breast Cancer Cure for every bottle sold.

Roadies speak up about Breast Milk, the cow’s milk that funds the cure. #idrinkbreastmilk

Posted by Lewis Road Creamery on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In a more appealing campaign, 1,000 bottles were  labeled as ‘reindeer milk’ in the lead up to Christmas. Though sold exclusively in Blenheim, Uber delivered a limited number of bottles to Auckland customers at no charge.

Chapman said it’s now time for the brand to go beyond new product launches and cement its positioning in the dairy market.

“This is the first of a confident brand campaign that is driven by a product truth – dairy that is truly ‘wonderful’.”

Lewis Road Creamery’s head of marketing, Angela Weeks, said it was vital that as the brand continues to grow it did so from a solidified position in the market (and as data from last year shows, it is driving a lot of the growth in the milk market).

“Problem Child and Exposure have captured the sentiment of our brand beautifully… We’re thrilled with the result – and look forward to building on the campaign in the future.”

Also in Lewis Road’s not to distant future, is the Kibbled Grain Bread back in stores. Weeks said it was well received by customers during the trial in Auckland and there are plans to roll it out nationally after refinements are made to the bread bag. The new packaging will be on shelves in the next few weeks.

Weeks also adds there will be more exciting news from Lewis Road Creamery in early February – we hope it’s not the bread bag.

Instead our fingers are crossed for a salted caramel, cookies ‘n’ cream or even a gingerbread milk.

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