Media Design School ranked world’s fourth best by YoungGuns

More proof, if any were needed, that New Zealand is still hitting it out of the park when it comes to creativity in advertising after the Adschool at Auckland’s Media Design School was named the fourth best (a very good position, as DDB’s Moro campaign shows) advertising school of the decade on account of the gongs its students have taken home in the first ten years of the YoungGuns Awards.

YoungGuns has been adding up the scores over the decade and compiling overall rankings. And New Zealand has fared very well so far. As a country, we placed second, beating out a host of much larger markets, and BBDO, with a big effort from Colenso, won network of the year.

Founding course leader David Bell says when the course first began in 1999, the goal was to make the Adschool the best creative advertising course in the Southern Hemisphere.

“We never really knew if we’d pulled it off until now, so thanks YoungGuns for quantifying its successes,” he says.

When the course was established it was set up as a partnership between a school and ad industry and some doubted whether creativity could be taught. And while Kate Humphries, the current course leader, says the mix of discipline and chaos the course thrives on is always a difficult balance to get right, it’s worth it when so many young minds end up surprising themselves.

“That’s why this confirmation from YoungGuns is really special, because although we teach the talent, it’s YoungGuns that give them recognition”.

YoungGuns winners from the Adschool now work with leading local agencies such as Colenso and Special Group, and international agencies such as DDB Switzerland, Taxi in Toronto and The Hive in Dublin.

“YoungGuns is all about celebrating young creative talent and we’ve seen some incredible work from students since the awards were founded in 2000,” said YoungGuns founder Kristian Barnes. “As we recognise the best of the past decade, it’s an exceptional achievement for Media Design School to place within the top 10 schools, especially when you consider the size of some of the other schools in the top 10. New Zealand has long been a leader in the international advertising community and we’ll see great things for years to come from the students of today.”

Formerly known as Axis AdSchool, the School’s Diploma of Creative Advertising is a 40-week creative problem-solving course that covers all mediums from traditional print through to social media. The Adschool has strong ties to the ad industry, with students developing campaigns for clients and local advertising agencies to ‘real world’ standards.

Other winners in the ad school category included prestigious institutions such as the New York School of Visual Arts and the Miami Ad School. Closer to home, Media Design School beat out Australian counterparts RMIT and AWARD School, which came 5th and 6th respectively.

Check out some more of the work that got them so far up the list here.

The complete Top 10 Awarded Schools are:

1 Miami Ad School, Europe Germany

2 School of Visual Arts, New York, USA

3 Miami Ad School, Florida, USA

4 Media Design School, Auckland, New Zealand

5 RMIT University, Australia

6 AWARD School, Australia

7 Berghs School of Communication, Sweden

8 Miami Ad School, Minneapolis, USA

9 Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA

10 Westerdals School of Communication, Norway

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