No egg-ceptions: McDonald’s proves its commitment to free-range eggs

Why did the chicken cross the road? To find out the truth about McDonald’s free-range eggs in a new campaign by McDonald’s by DDB, OMD, Mango and 90 Seconds.

Two years ago, McDonald’s New Zealand announced its plan to achieve 100 percent free-range eggs and now, with the help of comedian Rhys Mathewson, it’s taking viewers into Otaika Valley Farm in Whangarei—which is one of the two certified free range farms supplying it with 13 million eggs a year— to see just how free-range the eggs are.

Acting as chief investigator and chicken wrangler, Mathewson poses the question ‘what better way to find what it’s like to be a free range chicken than to be the chicken?’ before sending Robo Chicken (a soft toy on remote control wheels by Rollercoaster) to infiltrate the farm.

What he discovers is the eggs are incredibly free-range, as the chickens have the freedom to roam inside and out with an all you can eat buffet and ‘pool’.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has given people a behind-the-scenes look at where its food comes from as its head of communications, Simon Kenny, recalls the ‘Our Food. Your Questions’ campaign from 2015. It opened up a line of communication for people to ask McDonald’s questions ad it responded with videos

Kenny says from those conversations it knew there would be people who didn’t believe that McDonald’s was really using free-range eggs.

“We’ve seen recently some serious questions asked about the legitimacy of some free range eggs in New Zealand.

“We think Robo Chicken is eggs-actly the kind of content we need to show that we’ve cracked the issues of ensuring the eggs we use are certified free range. No egg-ceptions.”

He adds those egg puns are part of the strategy because it knew the content had to be entertaining and credits the DDB creatives for writing the script.


Concerned Kiwi: Rhys Mathewson

Client credits:
Director of Marketing: Jo Mitchell

Head of Communications: Simon Kenny

Communications Executive: Sarah Fitzpatrick

OMD credits:
Business Director: Jennifer Hilliar
Digital Director: Scott Allan
Senior Digital Account Manager: Marcel Nel

Fuse credits:
Zoe Virtue: Social Account Director

Hannah Roberts: Account Executive

Mango credits:
General Manager: Sean Brown
Account Manager: Magenta Boyd
Account Executive: Zoe Pert

Otaika Valley Farms:
Director OVFR: Peter Sandle

Account Manager: William Sandle

Farm Manager: James Mason

Production Manager: Trudy Sandle

Talent: Zane Mason

Dominic Oldrey – Prop Master/Project Manager

Lisa Worley – Machinist/Textile Artist

Mathew Probert – Creative

Jonathan Catt – Designer

Jim Christmas – Production Manager

Sharnan Pitcher – Carpenter

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