LUMO paints the town with Resene ColourMatch

As football fever grips the nation, LUMO has teamed up with Mediastone and Resene to orchestrate a dynamic DOOH campaign that celebrates the universal power of colour in sports and showcases the New Zealand paint manufacturer’s extensive colour range.

Aptly named ‘ColourMatch’, the campaign will paint the town with a vibrant spectrum of Resene colours, uniting communities and amplifying the spirit of competition to coincide with one of the biggest sporting events New Zealand will ever see – making every match a masterpiece.

At the heart of the campaign lies Resene ColourMatch, an online tool that leverages advanced colour recognition technology. By taking an uploaded or selected online image, Resene ColourMatch identifies the predominant colour in the image, and then skilfully identifies its closest match within Resene’s vast spectrum of paint shades.

Each competing nation’s home and away kits have been fed into the Resene ColourMatch tool, with the representative colours of the team’s jersey matched with the appropriate Resene paint swatch to be displayed on screen. From the ‘Resene Invincible’ of New Zealand, to the ‘Resene Celebrate’ of Costa Rica.

LUMO has layered in a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) solution, with 28 local games and the win/loss/draw scenarios having been developed by LUMO’s in-house creative teams and OOH creative & software company, Latch. Intertwined is head-to-head, live score, and match result data from sports app, Tribe, which triggers the appropriate match content across the DOOH network before, during and after game time.

Harnessing this DCO solution, and the flexibility and targeting capabilities of programmatic DOOH, the ColourMatch campaign delivers geotargeted, day-of-week and time-of-day relevance for all locally hosted matches. As the anticipation for kick-off builds in the hours leading up to each match, host cities are subtly awakened to the competing colours of the team ‘match-up’.

Kick-off then triggers a tactical 2 hour ‘ColourMatch’ up-weight and as each game unfolds, the competing teams go head-to-head, not just on the pitch, but also in the colour stakes on screen. The ColourMatch DCO solution system continuously tracks the progression of each match, adjusting the colour territory for the team in front, and swings as momentum does so on the field.

The moment the final whistle blows and the winning team is declared, the ‘Paint the Town’ phase is triggered. For the hours following the game, cities come alive as the victorious team’s colours are illuminated across LUMO’s out-of-home network, in a vibrant, vivid celebration of sport and colour. 

“Colour unites us in a powerful way, and we are grateful for the vibrant canvas and dynamic capabilities brought to us by LUMO that are helping to bring Resene ColourMatch and Resene colours to life,” says Karen Warman, Marketing Manager for Resene.

Given Resene isn’t an official sponsor of the tournament required careful navigation – as clean zones, clean periods and association restrictions are imposed during the event to protect commercial affiliates.  

“The idea had to play on-side. Delivering this programmatically has allowed us to be tactical around mandated clean zones & periods as well,” says Jack Plowright, GM of Programmatic. “While the campaign is timed to coincide with the enthusiasm & unity surrounding the competition, we’ve delivered a DOOH campaign for Resene that respects these guidelines and celebrates the universal power of colour.”

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