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Wednesday’s love-in for Samsung at Zambesi’s new Newmarket store, was indeed full of luvvies. StopPress felt right overdressed in a warm spring coat and woolly socks.

The affair was to welcome the arrival of  Samsung’s Ultra Touch phone and help raise funds for Youthline, through the auction of photography taken by nine local celebrities. There were going to be ten but they forgot to ask yours truly.

All photos were taken using the Samsung phone, which has the capacity to take eight-megapixel photos. The press release says “stunning eight megapixel photos” but surely that’s up to the photographer?

Anyway, you can bid for the works by Otis Frizzell, Taika Waititi, Anna Fitzpatrick, Marrissa Findlay and others at the Samsung website. The online auction closes on September 30 so bid on your favourites and help raise funds for a good cause.

Nick D and Otis FrizzellNick D and Otis Frizzell

Frontrow Diary website editor Anna Fitzpatrick and friendFront Row Diary.com editor Anna Fitzpatrick and friend

Actress Madeleine Sami and friendActress Madeleine Sami and blogger Florence Noble

Zambesi's Neville and Marissa FindlayZambesi's Neville and Marissa Findlay

Petra Bagust doesn't seemed to be too enamoured of being snapped with a bunch of nobodies.Petra Bagust seems nonplussed at being snapped with a bunch of nobodies.

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