I can’t help but feel a bit bad for Match. All it tried to do was to deviate away from most dating sites/apps which often trumpet the ‘hot singles in your area’ and show that it’s okay to have a few flaws like a bad singing voice or a habit of wearing your socks in bed. But, we at StopPress can’t resist a good Twitter troll and the hashtag attached to this campaign was used and abused in the best ways possible.

The whole mantra of Match is that it’s okay to have flaws and basically through Match singles shouldn’t have much trouble finding someone to embrace their ‘imperfections’.

The dating app released released a TVC and posters which pushed its hashtag which encompassed this point, #LoveYourImperfections.

It wasn’t long before folks jumped on Twitter and got a little bit creative with it, here’s a few of our faves:

While the caption on the one below isn’t so great, the guy who retweeted it has some great commentary:

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