LG backs its latest product by shooting documentary series on smartphone

As evidenced by the Shot on iPhone 6 campaign, or GoPro’s range of impressive clips, just because a camera is small and relatively inexpensive certainly doesn’t mean it can’t shoot good quality video. And LG has aimed to prove that with a new campaign that uses its new G4 smartphone to cover four crafty Kiwi businesses in glory. 

The series features New Zealand knitwear label Marle, sustainable cocktail bar Mea Culpa, indie R&B duo Jupiter Project, and carpenters George & Willy, who all share their stories of what craft and innovation means to their business. And each of the films was shot entirely on the LG G4.

“At LG we pride ourselves on genuine innovation and creating products that challenge the status quo in their industry,” says Kieran Chapman, trade marketing manager of LG New Zealand. “The full grain genuine leather backs on the G4 showcase how LG works to exceed consumer expectations – and by combining high-quality full grain leather with premium technology, LG has created the perfect smartphone for people who want to stand out from the crowd.”

LG’s PR agency Hustle & Bustle was behind the campaign and enlisted Fish&Clips to produce the short films.

“We had a lot of fun making the short films for the LG G4,” says Harry Moore, head of content at Fish&Clips. “When we were first told about the idea, we were sceptical a phone camera could produce good enough images for us to create visually engaging and beautifully cinematic pieces. However, after putting the G4 through its paces – shooting at night, indoors, with lights, in a workshop, at a live event and on the fly – we were stoked with the results. LG have produced an awesome product that can shoot professional pictures with such a vast range of capabilities – and is able to fit in your pocket.”

A few years back Mac’s created The Craft Collective campaign, which talked up its craft credentials by focusing on other crafty businesses. And a number of movies have been produced with smartphones—including one of the best at this year’s Sundance, Tangerine. Last year Bentley even shot an ad using only Apple products to show how it was integrating technology into its ridiculously expensive rides. 


Campaign created by: Hustle & Bustle; Gemma Ross, Andrea Hammond, Kim Witherspoon

Short films shot and directed by: Fish&Clips – Head of Content: Harry Moore; Directors: Grant La Hood, Petra Cibilich, Eddy Fifield; DOP: Dan Ax

LG G4 Ambassadors: Juliet Bates of MARLE, Kate Rose of Mea Culpa, Will McCallum of George & Willy, Gavin Correia and Marty Rich of Jupiter Project.

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